TLGG Serving the Food Industry for over 20 years …

  • National success selling into full Grocery Retail including National Accounts, Mid Market Accounts, Deli/Grocery Accounts, Regional and National Brokers and Food Distributors.
  • Full Program success with Plan-O-Grams, Seasonal, Promotional Programs, SKU Analysis.
  • National Sale Forces in Retail as well as Food Service / Hospitality Food Service – Kitchen Culinary Development.
  • Trade show Management.
  • Executive Management from Culinary success /Hospitality as well as Manufacturer/Supplier successes.
  • Catering to Hospitality, Resort, Restaurants, Deli, Grocery, Markets,  Grocery/Combination Stores , and a host of others.
  • National Network of Food Distributors, Brokers, and Suppliers.
  • National reach with multiple offices across USA.
  • National Management for Food including Shelf Stable, Refrigerated, Perishables,  Ready to Eat, Menu Bar, General Merchandise/Hardgoods,
  • Worldclass Retail Grocery success direct to Account/Retail and Broker Relationships.
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